The Ambulance

A film By Goran Radovanovic - Drama, 84 min, 35 mm / colour, September 2009

Filmfestival Montreal, 2009

Festivals and Awards

Montreal 2009,

Antalya (Turkey) 2009

Montpellier (France)2009

Mannheim (Germany) 2009

Havana (Cuba) 2009

Brussels (Belgium) 2010

Athens (Greece) 2010

Amsterdam 2010

Avanca (Portugal), 2010 – Grand Prix The best feature film an/d The Best cinematography


The Ambulance is a contemporary historical film reflecting the drama of the profound social changes that the Serbian society underwent at the turn of this century. The story - spanning from the collapse of the last European totalitarianism in 2000 to the current queuing of this fragile Balkan democracy in the lobby of the European Union seven years later, is delivered through an account of the development of the local ambulance service. Adhering to the spirit of modern neo-realism, this evolution is illustrated by three stories set in three different periods linked by mutually connected and conditioned characters.

And there is also a dream in it…